Izutsu Hiroyuki

Illustrator production and work will change by utilizing ipad, sns and cloud!


Lower the hurdles for digital production of illustrators. Now that it has become commonplace for hand-drawn people to upload illustration data, a new wave of digital tools that will significantly change the workflow and business of illustrators is occurring. If you use an iPad, you can create on the go, save and transfer work data safely in the cloud, and send information via SNS to easily handle work overseas or in remote areas! Veteran illustrator Hiroyuki Izutsu explains the efforts he has made, such as how to use new digital tools and cultivate business through the Internet. Retouching technology for hand-drawn illustrations using Photoshop, creating with Photoshop iPad version applying it, creating illustrations using the new drawing tool Adobe Fresco, utilizing SNS such as promotion using the portfolio site Behance, saving and transferring data in the cloud , There are plenty of practical contents such as consideration of overseas expansion using the Internet. In addition, Kei Meguro, Aiko Fukuda, who are active worldwide, introduce production examples of IC4DESIGN, and read the online roundtable discussion between these three groups and the author.

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