“Cat Cat Cat Show”-It’s All About Cats-


台南に複合施設「StableNice BLDG.」のオープン、2階のギャラリースペースのスタートに伴った猫をテーマにした企画展に参加します。



“Cat Cat Cat Show”-It’s All About Cats-
@StableNice BLDG.
June 4th, Thursday – July 20th, Monday
Open 11:00 am – 18:00 pm Close Tuesday



“Cat Cat Cat Show”, a collaboration exhibition with StableNice BLDG. in Tainan, Taipei from June 4th to July 20th.
We will be featuring original paintings of cats by 3 Japanese artists in different styles and unique products created by each artist.If you’re near, please come see the art!


Exhibiting Artists:
Chicaco Toya / 戸屋ちかこ
Reiko Kamano / カマノレイコ
Hanaki Kaneda / 金田花季
企画:台南 IMIN Cultural & Creative & Giant Mango