Izutsu Hiroyuki

"Wedge" Comprehensive information magazine published


Comprehensive information magazine published by Wedge Co., Ltd. of JR Tokai Group. Illustration of "Sengoku warlord economics" serialized there.

client_name : 株式会社ウェッジ

URL : 株式会社ウェッジ

  • "This is the time to win! It's a big gamble!"
  • "I will keep interest rates low."
  • ”It is a notice from the president.” "This time we will give 30kan of land"
  • "It is a special tax agent, I will not forgive taxes! "Really ?!"
  • "If we do a good presentation we can get a castle for free"
  • "Gold is power!"
  • "Wow, this is tremendously rise in the stock market of rice"
  • "Well, the president may give us a salary a bit more" "Oh, I think so too"
  • "Leave it to me if it is rice!"
  • "Bad, ... it will be fired as it is"
  • "I do not need money to go to Kyoto in the center of politics"