OUTLINEWhat is Tokyo Illustrators Society
General Incorporated Association?

Tokyo Illustrators Society (TIS) was established in October 1988. TIS was founded not merely as an arena for illustrators to get acquainted with each other and exchange ideas but also as a platform to let our society know their capabilities.
There are a total of 256 TIS members as of January 2018.
In order to explore further possibilities of illustration as well as for its future development, TIS has hosted a variety of activities such as exhibitions, open recruitment for the purpose of fostering young people, publishing and research conferences. 
We would like to announce that TIS has officially become general incorporated association in September 2016. 
The organization is headed by administrative director Shinbo Minami, vice presidents Mushi Azumi and Izuru Aminaka, Amigos Koike and acting director Manabu Mori.

How to become a member of TIS?

Once a year, new TIS members are selected from member recommendations and successful competitors of TIS-hosted competitions.



Ever since the “1st Tokyo Illustrators Society Exhibition” held in 1989, TIS has continually held exhibitions. TIS has put on a wide variety of shows, sometimes with set themes, materials, formats and spaces to shape each installment. The exhibitions held annually at Creation Gallery G8 since 1995 have provided numerous people with an opportunity to enjoy illustrations.


TIS accepts work created by a diverse range of people ranging from non-member illustrators to students who aspire to become future illustrators, with the aim of discovering new talent and disseminating ideas and work related to illustration. Open-call started concurrently with the launch of “TIS Yearbook 01-02” in 2001. 2017 saw its 15th instalment, and many of the past prize winners have taken their places in the illustration world today.


TIS is also known for its publishing activities. With the goal of disseminating illustration, TIS publishes exhibition catalogs and books dealing with topics like copyright issues, illustration tools and techniques. Through these books, readers can get to know individual characteristics of illustrators and various activities of TIS. TIS will continue our business under the same name as Tokyo Illustrators Society.

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