Izutsu Hiroyuki

The ambition of the Toyotomi family


SHOGAKUKAN Inc Saburo Kajiyama Desing Kouji Oka A super-problem that shocked the economic world How much of the contents of this book is fact and what is fiction? About this, 99% of managers very close to a giant automobile company told me that it was true. On the other hand, the savvy bureaucracy in charge of the automobile industry is murky about half. All the books have disappeared from the bookstores in the Nagoya area, and various rumors run around, but the only thing that knows the truth is the person who is the model of the characters in this book, and they tell the truth of this book There will never be. This book is not a weekly magazine, so it doesn't matter if it is true or false. There is no such an interesting corporate novel when read with fiction. ”(From commentary by Tsuyoshi Natsuno)

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