Izutsu Hiroyuki



Don't give up your homeland. You will all die. Toward the end of the Pacific War, just before the Battle of Okinawa, a junior high school student was issued a muster-out order. Higa Shinichi, a lanky 14-year-old, folds the cuffs of his baggy military uniform, wraps a gaitle around the hem of his trousers, and joins the desperate defense of his country as a private in the army. This long novel stares at the horrific reality of the battlefield through the experiences of a young boy. The author listens to the experiences of real people in detail, and the external realism of the book, which captures the unique facts as they are, strikes a strong chord with the reader. This is a new edition of the paperback book published in 1991. The original version has sold a total of 102,000 copies. Commentary by Mori Shiro Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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  • Published by Bungeishunju Author Akira Yoshimura Design Bungeishunju Design Department Shingo Nakagawa Illustration Hiroyuki Izutsu