Illustrator / graphic designer based in Tokyo creating paper-block prints mainly for books, magazines and advertising, aiming for emotional and solid style. Recently she worked as an illustrator for an illustrated poetry collection "KONYA KYOBO DAKARA WATASHI" (Since I'm Savage Tonight / poetry by Kumiko Takahashi, publ. Chiisai Mishima Sha) and "KATACHI NO NAMAE" (The Name of Shapes / by Natsuko Nose, publ. Genko Sha), which introduces appreciation for the shapes and their names of Japanese art objects including tea utensils. Awards include Grand Prize / Nagai Hiroaki Award winner in HB Gallery File Competition. Selected for Tadahito Nadamoto "WATASHI NO ICHIMAI" (My Favorite) of TIS (Tokyo Illustrators Society). Selected for ADC award etc. TIS member.