Goro Sasaki


client_name : 朝日新聞社

  • poster "Funabashi Hyakkei 2017" AD&D:Wildflowers
  • poster for "Funabashi Hyakkei 2016" AD&D:Gist
  • poster for "Funabashi Hyakkei 2015" AD&D:Gist
  • poster illustration for "Funabashi Hyakkei art contest,2014"
  • cover for "Shousetsu Gendai" June issue 20
  • advertising for Suntory's "Japan Premium Koshu" wine,2013
  • cover for "Shousetsu Gendai" Feb issue 20
  • poster for an entry for a contest"100 paintings of Funabashi"
  • cover for "The Asahi Shinbunn GLOBE",Sunday edition of Asahi news paper.