I worked on the illustrations for the key visual, exhibition corners, picture books, posters, digital signage, in-car displays, and novelty stickers for the special exhibition "Dive into the World of Giant Salamanders!" at the Kyoto Aquarium, which began on September 9th. The giant salamander exhibition will be running until November 30th, so please come and visit Kyoto Aquarium during this period! Kyoto Aquarium "Dive into the World of Giant Salamanders!" Key Visual, Exhibition Corner Illustrations, Posters, Digital Signage, In-car Displays, Novelty Sticker Illustrations Copyright Kyoto Aquarium Editing and Design by Hankyu Hanshin Marketing Solutions 2023

client_name : 京都水族館

URL : 「オオサンショウウオに沼った展!キービジュアル