Takei Chika

Colorful, feminine, fun, pop: Japanese illustrator Chika Takei is known for her stylistic and expressive representations of women and girls. Media and galleries both in Japan and abroad have taken note, and Takei's particular talent for distilling moods and feelings in her feminine motifs attracts attention from near and far.


Originally from Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture, Takei started her career as an illustrator in earnest after attending Illustration Aoyama Juku. Her work has appeared in a wide range of products including books, magazines, posters, online ads, studio design for TV shows, and also private gallery shows both in Japan and internationally. Recent works include studio design for the Japanese television network TBS, and product design for the magazine andGIRL.


Takei will host a private show of her work at gallery Space Yui, Tokyo, in summer 2018.



2007 Note Exhibition of "Illust Note" magazine : Grand Prix

2011 Tokyo Illustrator's Society : Grand Prix