Taku Furukawa


Born in Iga( Ninjya Town!).After Yoji Kuri's Animation Studio, from 1970's working  as a freelance editorial & advertising illustrator ,cartoonist,  illustlator for kids picture books comics and independent animator. Films awarded  in Annecy ,Hiroshima,,etc.



Taku Furukawa

Taku Furukawa was born in 1941 in Iga, which is a small town in Japan but very famous for its ninja. He worked in Yoji Kuri’s studio for 3 years before stepping out as an independent animated film maker and freelance illustrator for editorial & advertising, manga, children’s books and more. He was soon also making animated shorts, such as “Oxed man,” which was first in competition for Annecy in 1969. His award-winning works include “Phenakisti-scope,” which won the jury special prize at Annecy in 1975, “TarZAN” at Hiroshima 1990, from heart to heart at Hiroshima 1992”  and “TYO STORY,” with the 3rd Japan Media Art Festival Excellence Award in 1999. Retrospective at Ottawa 2003, at Hiroshima 2016. Selection & Jury in Holland, Hiroshima, Seoul, Shanghai, TAAF (Tokyo) and more. Joined Omnibus animated short “Winter Days”  2003, ’TOKYO LOOP” 2006, A member of the oldest animators group in the world ”G9+1 “.Vice president Hiroshima( 2000~2006) ,Mentor of the JAPIC A-AIR2013,2015,New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival, Honarary Chairman (2014~), Japan Media Arts Festival Operating Committee( 2013~), President JAA ( Japan Animation Association ), ASIFA  JAPAN