Nao Sakamoto


Born and living in Hokkaido.
Currently working as a freelancer.

A painter and illustrator who looks at animals, people, towns, and nature with gentle eyes
She is a painter and illustrator who records animals, people, towns, and nature with her unique lines and colors.
Her work ranges from bookbinding and illustration for books and magazines to
She has a wide range of experience, from book and magazine covers and illustrations to album covers for musicians, paintings, and interior decorations.

TEL : 08041585749 /
48-2 Minami-Honcho, Kurisawa-cho, Iwamizawa-shi, Hokkaido JAPAN 068-0125


Nao Sakamoto

2019|ONDO EXHIBITION AWARD-vol.2, Honorable Mention
HB File Competition vol.18, Junichi Kusaka Prize

Otona kawaii ikurashiru" (Simple and Stylish Illustrations with Usual Pens! Otona kawaii illustration" | Kodansha
NHK Hobby Do-Raku: Easy and Cute Illustrations with Ballpoint Pen Easy & Cute Illustration Practice Book (Practical Life Series) 
NHK Hobby Do-Raku: Easy & Cute Illustrations with Ballpoint Pen Easy & Cute Illustration Practice Book (French Edition)
A book for drawing notebook illustrations that make everyday life fun.
A book to make your life easier. Easy and Cute Illustration Book
Ballpoint Pen! A lesson book for drawing cute characters that look like illustrations
Easy to Use Ballpoint Pen! Otona kawaii season's illustration book"|Shufu to Seikatsu-sha
Grimm's Fairy Tales Coloring Book (Kodansha's Practical Book)|Kodansha
Living in a Wonderful Home with Forest Creatures Coloring Book"|Subarusha
Cute Accesories of the Four Seasons Made with Pravin" (co-authored), Takarajimasha

Work Experience
EBRI Summer Festival Illustration
Beyond the Tunnel
Infographic for Ebetsu City, a Town for Families
EBRI Market announcement illustration
Interdecco House Model House Booklet
Hokkaido Furusato Telegram commercial illustration
Bellemaison Christmas DM
Peco Magazine - Lots of cats
Gakken High School Reference Book Illustration|Cover and Inside Illustration
Stella Kodomo Guide|Illustration for brochure
Obihiro Todok|Illustration for indoor space to spend time with children
Hokkaido Roadside Station Stamp Rally Book Cover Illustration 2019 2020
Coffee at home|Product package
Seibu Ikebukuro|apple city 1F,B1|wall decoration
Logo design for Perch|Living Goods and Gathering Place
Stationery|Notebook covers, sticky notes, etc.
Hokujitsu|Gentle towel|Goods illustration
Cat Cafe & Gallery gato|Store Logo Design
Logo design for miscellaneous goods store, image illustration, goods production
Hokkaido part-time job information company New year newspaper advertisement
Sapporo PIVOT Christmas Display|Illustration
999.9 feelsun |Sunglass line pamphlet
Plates and cups illustrated by Nao Sakamoto are now on sale from &Mo'design.
Pichopichokawaii Exhibition|Sunshine Aquarium

Illustrations for artists
Akiko Yano Goods|Yummy Towel|Coaster etc.
Akiko Yano Satogearu Concert
The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra
Nekosha Master
yanokami Artwork

Appearance on NHK TV "Hobby Do-Raku
Appeared on TV as a lecturer of "Easy & Cute Illustration with Ballpoint Pen! Easy & Cute Illustration" on TV.

2019| Affordable Art Fair Melbourne 2019
Participated in "Cat Exhibition" at shop Perch
2018|CLOUDS ART+COFFEE group exhibition
2017|Gallery tray, solo exhibition of Nao Sakamoto, "The continuation of that story
2014 Gallery tray, solo exhibition of Nao Sakamoto, "The Story Continues
HB Gallery, Nao Sakamoto's solo exhibition "strage
2011|The 8th Gallery, CLASKA, Meguro, Japan

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