studio takeuma



This is dental comprehensive information magazine These illustration based on proverb about the mouth, teeth, tongue and voice in Japan.

client_name : デンタルダイヤモンド社

  • Jan. A cornered rat will bite a cat.
  • Feb. Fly bubbles from the corners of the mouth. It means Engaging in a heated discussion.
  • Mar. Not deserving to touch with fangs. It means To take no notice.
  • Apr. I could not close opened mouth. It means To be too surprised with jaw dropping​​​​ to say a word.
  • May. Just a so fewest part of the tip of tongue. It means Insincerity.
  • Jun. Easier said than done.
  • Jul. One birdcall from crane. It means One voice as decisions from on high.
  • Aug. Who does not cover teeth with a cloth. It means say whatever one feels.
  • Sep. Speech is silver, silence is gold.
  • Oct. Escape from the crocodile’s mouth. It means Avoid danger.
  • Nov. Lion grinding teeth. It means Extremely angry. This illustration is associated with a famous Japanese proverb ' A lion makes its cub fall down to a steep valley '. It means 'Let dear child experience hardship'.
  • Dec. Stiff mouth. It means He keeps his lips sealed.