Tatsuro Kiuchi


The series about a beautiful life with shiba inu in this beautiful world.

client_name : 玄光社イラストレーション

  • No.011 My favorite / I will never let you take my favorite pumps.
  • No.010 Dog show / Ladies and gentlemen, here is a 'long-awaited' shibainu!
  • No.009 A dog of poor caliber.
  • No.008 Dog friendly hotel / Found a hotel where you can bring your dog with you to stay.
  • No.007 Bathroom | A rat appeared in the bathroom a couple of days ago. Now there appears to be a dog coming out.
  • No.006 I tried to teach my dog how to play Japanese chess. To my surprise, he was very quick to grasp.
  • No.005 Many pale faces pass by when I go for a walk at night.
  • No.004 How mischievous! He should have been trained better.
  • No.003 Not just regular 'wait' they do, these dogs can wait IN A LINE. For ramen or hamburger, whatever you imagine.
  • No.002 Steak or dog food / Is this steak good for my dog?
  • No.001 Cafe / A newly opened cafe where dogs are allowed.