Tatsuro Kiuchi

Le chat et le casino

this was for <em><strong>Le chat et le casino</strong></em>, written by Francoise Sagan, published by the magazine MUZE. I certainly enjoyed working on the project. Read more at <a href="http://drawger.com/kiuchi/?section=articles&article_id=14466">Drawger</a>.

client_name : MUZE


  • Final image.
  • My illustration in use.
  • Rough sketches. At this point, I determined to make the ground color look like gaming tables at casinos.
  • At this stage, everything was drawn and painted as I intended to, in terms of shapes and positions.
  • Shadows added as separate layers.
  • A texture layer inserted here. I thought it would give the trees interesting effects.
  • Set the texture layer to Color Dodge mode, opacity 47%.
  • Another texture brought in as a separate layer, set it to Overlay mode, opacity 100%.