Matsumoto Saki

Harmonious Co-Existence” 2022 International Poster exhibition


Invitation of a “Harmonious Co-Existence” 2022 International Poster exhibition from China. Exhibition: Five-Three Art Museum, Nantong, Jiangsu, China/ 2022 May Harmonious Co-ExistenceA community with a shared future for mankind is a Different nationalities in various countries and regions in the world have created colorful civilizations in the long history of thousands of years, and jointly promoted the prosperity and progress of the entire human society. The world is full of vitality due to colorful civilizations, and civilizations share beauty and beauty due to exchanges and mutual learning. About the poster Expressing sharing beauty, knowledge, culture among different races and different people. Materials such as people, arms, hands and abstract motives as beauty and knowledges merge together in a graphic. It is important to respect differences for co-existence.