Ayako Yamazaki

Ayako Yamazaki.


Kanagawa-ken residence

Shinichi Fukui illustration department learns and begins work via kindergarten duties.

Tokyo Illustrators Society member



♦ Main winning a prize reki

* Corporation Genkou company  The choice excellent prize in 1995

Illustration file magazine

Illustration file web  You carry it.

* 2001 bronze prizes of TIS solicitation and 2002 jackpots

* Several times of exhibition and group exhibition (gallery house Maya and others)


♦ Main work reki

* In-house publication cover (Takeda Chemical Industries, Ltd.)

* Illustration in the trade catalog (Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)

* CD-ROM (Just System)

* A picture on a book cover  Flower on a wall (maboroshifuyusha) and my wives who love (Shogakukan) and others.

* Chigasaki RAS mosquito advertisement

Additionally I'm active by magazine (cover and cut) shop articles and miscellaneous goods.


♦ Use subject matter for a painting

Acrylic fiber paint, color ink, colored pencil and marker

Clay production and paper production



dou is drawing a plant in the center.

A felt heart, importantly, I'd like to express daily life, beauty of the natural world, forcefulness and amusement. An encounter and an affair, I think when a good work can be made by turning each into power.

I'd like to express by a stage, a mural and big space. Or, it's fun to consider something miscellaneous goods-like, and I think of the previous work stem, card and bag.