Ayako Yamazaki

Daruma friends


Inflate the balloon, around it, paste the Japanese paper and paste with Japanese paper and dry it. If it becomes crispy, after drawing and drying Daruma and Mio I will break the balloon and take it out. Even if I rolled it, I got up and got ready.

client_name : だるま友だち

  • Hi, Hello Everyone spring has come.
  • It is my pleasure. I've been completely eaten by eating. It is Daruma who comes over there. It is a very scary face A very kind girl with a girlish heart who likes flowers. Ufu.
  • Today we went to a delicious okonomiyaki restaurant in Karuizawa. The shopkeeper is burning softly and carries it to a table on an iron plate. There is a good way to bake it. It was delicious ~. Yeah, it was delicious! Oh, the moon is beautiful today.
  • We are so big. Everyone, this year's cherry blossoms can be enjoyed for a long time. Dumplings from flowers, flowers from dumplings. The last cherry blossoms of Heisei, hope to be a good time.