Hiroyuki Yamada


Born in Kyoto. He graduated from Kyoto Saga Art Junior College, Department of Visual Design. I'm experience as a graphic designer. He has been developing "one picture a day" on facebook since November 2011. Since 2010, she has presided over Hiroyuki Yamada's illustration course (Yamada Juku). He is a director of the Japan Book Designers Association(2020-2023). He is the executive committee chairman of the Tokyo Design Award(2015-2023).


Hiroyuki Yamada

Award history
2006 Japan Good Design Award (S & B Spice & Herb Package)
2014 24th Polish Warsaw International Poster Biennale Selected
2016 7th China International Poster Biennale Selected
(Both posters in the Japanese and Korean food "Hatabo" store)
2020 Japan Package Design Award 2021 Selected (Kosuge Village Venison Burg Package)
Received Top Award Asia 2020 (Yukishio Confectionery Package)
Japan Typography Yearbook 2021 Package Category Best Work Award
(Fermented and ripened box)
Received the 50th Shinano Mainichi Newspaper Advertising Award

Copyrighted material
"Child of Water in the Cloud" Felissimo Publishing 1992
"Picture book of cotton" (Sodate Asobou series) Noriyama Fishing Village Cultural Association 1998
"River from the Heaven: Indian Ganges Mythology" Nagasaki Publishing 2013
"Sebone animals new edition" Hypothesis Company 2016
`` Pickles of frog, Dunska Tanska '' Roclin, 2018
`` Pickles of frog, MARUI ARE '' Roclin, 2019

Solo exhibition
October 2012 "Facebook, 1 picture per day" Gallery F (Sendagaya)
February 2013 “ALPHABET” Laundry Graphics Gallery (Sendagaya)
January 2014 "Remake" Space Yui (in front of Gaien)
September 2014 “SAIEN” American Bridge Gallery (Ebisu)
February 2015 "TUBE" Space Yui
September 2015 “Water minamo” America Bridge Gallery
January 2016 Space Yui "cutting paper like"
January 2017 "Hair" Space Yui
August 2017 "It's Summer" Ginza Itoya (Ginza)
February 2018 `` Crayon '' Space Yui
August 2018 "Layer" Ginza Itoya
February 2019 `` Waterfall '' Space Yui
July 2019 `` BOTANICAL '' Ginza Itoya
January 2020 "TUBE 2" Space Yui