Hiroyuki Yamada

”YUKISHIO(Snow salt)"pastry package illustration


Paradise Plan Co., Ltd., which is located in Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture, and mainly produces salt. Western confectionery using our own "Miyakojima ”YUKISHIO(Snow salt)"" has been released. I made the package illustration. So far, there are 5 types of products. It will increase in the future. Since it is positioned as an "Okinawa souvenir", it is basically sold only in Okinawa Prefecture, such as Naha Airport, various souvenir shops in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, YUKISHIO direct sales stores, Miyakojima Airport, etc. Client: Paradise Plan Co., Ltd. CD: Rights Design AD, D: Satoshi Nakaichi (Rights Design) Copywriter: Miho Kaneda (Somewhat Company) Produced by: Koichi Tamamura (Rights Design) Winner of Top Award Asia 2020

client_name : (株)パラダイスプラン