Hiroyuki Yamada

New Year's Day advertisement of MK Seiko Co., Ltd.


New Year's Day advertisement of MK Seiko Co., Ltd., which manufactures car wash machines, LED indicators, and tabletop rice cake making machines. I was in charge of the illustrations for the Shinano Mainichi Shimbun, all 15 columns. Usually, I go home at the end of the year and have a rice cake together to celebrate the New Year holidays. However, this time it was a corona wreck, and that didn't happen either. I want to see you, but be patient. At least pack the same amount of rice cake as usual and send it. Even if I'm away, only my feelings go to see me. It is an advertisement with such feelings. And the real wish is to read vertically. CD & copy by Hideki Azuma (Hakkeyoi Seisakusho) AD & D by Kenichi Fuchi (paradox)

client_name : エムケー精工株式会社