Hiroyuki Yamada

JAKUETS Co., Ltd. Entry Book


I was in charge of the illustration of the entry book of "Jakuets", a company that plans, develops, and manufactures childcare teaching materials with a wonderful concept that "the future is in play". The art direction is Haruka Misawa of Nippon Design Center. This time, I also participated in a factory tour in Tsuruga, which gave me a strong sense of teamwork and the production temperature rose considerably. For about a month, I worked closely with designer Kohei Sasaki via email and zoom to brush up and finish. It was a very fun and fulfilling job. It is a vertically folded bellows, with the factory production process on the front and the product on the back. When folded, it becomes A5 size. Art Direction: Haruka Misawa, Design: Kohei Sasaki, Copy: Kako Nagase, Producer: Yoshie Sone (All Nippon Design Center)

client_name : (株)ジャクエツ

URL : エントリーブック