Hiroyuki Yamada

Nakanishi Metal Industry Co., Ltd. Recruiting Book Illustration


I made an illustration for the recruiting book of Nakanishi Metal Industry Co., Ltd. This is a ballpoint pen drawing of the history of Nakanishi Metal Industry, which began in the Meiji era in Kyoto and started with the creation of hair ornaments by founder Tatsujiro Nakanishi, and from Yasaka Taxi's Ford car repair to modern manufacturing. The design is silver-printed on a silver-based paper with a metallic feel. A6 palm size. An interesting title called "Metallic Pirates" ☆ CD, AD, Designer: Kenichi Fuchi, Director: Atsuto Terauchi, together Paradox Co., Ltd.

client_name : 中西金属工業株式会社

URL : 中西金属工業株式会社