Hiroyuki Yamada

Wework Tokyo World Gate 23F Lounge mural production


I was in charge of mural production for the Wework23rd floor lounge of Tokyo World Gate☆☆ It is a wave work of vertical 2m50 x horizontal 6m. I made it by commuting for 15 days from July 15th to 30th. Following Wework Gates Fukuoka, which we made in February 2019, This is my second store job. This time, the interior construction work, which was delayed due to the effects of corona, proceeded simultaneously. While watching the floor and walls are completed from the plywood state, Dennoko, who draws the sound of a hammer into a BGM, It was a very exciting production. Unlike ordinary desk work, drawing a picture with the whole body is After all it feels good!

client_name : Wework Japan