Hiroyuki Yamada

Morinaga & Co., Ltd.[Hi-Chew]TV advertising


Morinaga Confectionery “hi-chew” now airing Commemorative commercial with the expectation of 888 million grains, I made a gold screen-style visual for the background ☆ To finish the texture of a Kano-style Japanese painting I finished it a little bit more astringent and flat than usual. Of course, direct drawing has a problem of production time, Delivery by data production, expansion and printing by art production company It has been completed in folding screen. In the upper white band, the data shows that “Haichu 88 million grains” A copy is inserted. Because of the circumstances, Kanjani Eight cannot be uploaded. Please visit the site. ◉Morinaga Hi-chew website https://www.morinaga.co.jp/hi-chew/ ◉CM https://www.morinaga.co.jp/cm/detail/179 ◉YouTube If you are not familiar with watching https://bit.ly/2WdUHzU

client_name : 森永製菓

URL : 森永ハイチュウサイト

  • Gold screen for shooting (Title is composite)
  • Gold screen for shooting (right part)
  • Gold screen for shooting (left part)