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It becomes a city light.


What kind of efforts did convenience stores take immediately after the earthquake? A project to share Lawson's experience in the disaster area has been updated several times on Lawson's site. Normally, the site is for internal use, but what was done at the forefront of Lawson this spring, when "3/11 to 10 years" was talked about, is regarded as a social property and is open to the public. We were nominated as an illustrator who can draw pictures that are not advertisements, and created headers, footers, and cuts to accompany the text. On the site, the daytime picture and the nighttime picture are displayed interchangeably, It's close to the image of the sky seen in Shiogama during the day and Kesennuma at night. While I was drawing, the faces of this person and the beloved people I met in the disaster area came to my mind, and they all turned to Tori-chan. The work I could draw because of such an encounter. I think that illustrations will be able to play an active role in the future when it comes to earthquakes, disasters, reconstruction, etc.

client_name : LAWSON

URL : マチのあかりになる