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MAEBASHI Coffee Market


This is a key visual for the Maebashi Coffee Market, the first coffee festival held in Maebashi, Gunma. Maebashi is a city where fresh minds of a wide range of generations are pouring in to transform it into a new city through the use of digital technology and art. We were asked to create the key visual for an attempt to accelerate the creation of a place where people can talk to each other by bringing together coffee shops, which are key to the city's development. I thought it would be worthwhile to use something analog to accompany the words "digital" and "art," so I painted this freehand on a board with acrylic paint in one go. Thanks to this, the festival attracted far more visitors than I had expected. I held three sets of "Anyone Can Paint" workshops for children and adults who gathered at the venue. I did not just provide visuals, but also helped to pass on what I could to the next generation, and also played a role in enlivening the scene.

client_name : 広告新聞社

URL : 前橋コーヒーマーケット_インスタグラム