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"Open Mado" published by DAIHATU


The third issue of the free magazine "Open Mado" published by DAIHATU is set in Hokkaido to Tohoku. In an area that is too large, I have a mission to "meet my favorite people in my favorite places", relying on the memories of the earthquake disaster in Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture, and a handmade map of a young woman I met at a cafe in Aoyama, Tokyo. I headed north. I haven't talked about it in this magazine, but first of all, I went to Sendai for the first human dock examination in my life. From there, I went to Kesennuma, where I made several friends after the earthquake. Check the progress of reconstruction again. We had a banquet at the usual Karakuwa inn, seeing the huge seawall that was designed to be close to people's lives. After that, we had a branding strategy meeting at a friend's shop and went to Ofunato via Rikuzentakata. While worrying about the time of the Sanriku Railway, which has a small number of trains, I was glad that I could meet the scenery where human activities and nature are in harmony when I desperately ran through the vast land that was far larger than I could see on the map! With the momentum, I went further north on Sanriku. You can see the Tohoku human journey that has run to Miyako from the link.

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