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I will be in charge of the visuals for the Hakka booth at a large-scale travel convention to be held in Taipei, Taiwan from November 3-6, 2023. This was a direct idea from Chairman Yang of the Taiwan Government Hakka Committee, who helped us with the publication of ``Taiwan Hakka Sketchbook'' from ``Covering Taiwan's Hakka Living Area of TAISANSHIN Line Area'' in the summer of 2019, and was offered by a local production company. This is how it was received. Taiwanese Hakka are said to make up just under 20% of Taiwan's population. A movement started to regain that lost identity, and as part of that movement, my reporting on Taiwan was realized. I have had the opportunity to speak with Chairman Yang several times, and I have come across his passionate mindset towards the revival of Hakka culture and cool, intelligent gaze, and I respect him as a person, as well as being a person with whom I have a great deal of sympathy in the creative field. was. I feel very proud to have been invited to work with such a person. This time, watercolor paintings are mainly used as the key visuals. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, I have mainly been painting Japanese landscapes using acrylic paints on boards, but when I try to use the same method to paint the ``dark landscapes'' that I encounter through the thick layer of humidity in Taiwan, it becomes too heavy. It leaves an impression. This is at odds with the strong yet light and loving lives of the people I met on the Taiwan Sansen. So when I created the ``Taiwanese Hakka Sketchbook,'' I tried drawing with watercolor, and I was completely hooked on it, and it was an experience that felt like a new door had opened for me. I would be very grateful if Chairman Yang would place his trust in my paintings as a symbol of ``inheritance and renewal of Taiwan's Hakka identity,'' and I would be extremely grateful for the work that was created through this process.I would also be extremely responsible. That's right! and. From offer to production, Taiwan has a short schedule that would be unimaginable in Japan, and the process of creating something wonderful in a quick and easy manner. It's a very comfortable place for me. So, ah~ I want to go to Taiwan!

client_name : 台湾政府_客家委員会

URL : ITF台北國際旅展