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LAKE BIWAKO in Morning Light


This is a picture depicting the morning scenery of Lake Biwa that was used for Okuyama Tendo's homepage. This is the homepage of Mr. Okuyama, who currently coordinates spaces and products from two bases in Nagoya and Shiga. Last year, I received an offer to talk to him at one of his bases of activity, the shores of Lake Biwa. At night, the moon came out and I saw a path of moonlight swaying on the surface of Lake Biwa. The next morning, I encountered the scenery of Lake Biwa, where everything I saw was completely white. I painted this scene thinking that the 20 years of rich relationship since I met Mr. Okuyama will continue to move forward. Mr. Okuyama ran the content label cafe in Minamisenba in his 20s, which led Osaka's cafe culture. Although it brought a sense of culture to the town of Minamisenba, where there were no restaurants where young people could gather, it closed after 10 years due to unforeseen circumstances. In response to this loss, creators from all over Osaka who love Okuyama gathered together to support Okuyama, who is striving for the next step with a twisted headband. In Nishi-ku Tateuribori, an area with little cultural flavor, he established Miribar, an organic mix of cafes, galleries, and marché spaces, and provided an opportunity for the city to change. Milibar ended its role a few years ago, but I really think the reason I went to Osaka was because there was a place that Mr. Okuyama had also created. And now, I am truly happy that Mr. Okuyama, whose work style can be described as ``Occupation: Tendo Okuyama,'' has come to talk to me, and that we were able to think together about ``a way of working that supports others and leads a beautiful life.'' Yo. In a sense, it also means that I was given a venue where I could bring my highest level of aesthetic sense. When I saw the finished homepage, I thought, ``I should try working with this person!'' Mr. Okuyama. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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