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I painted "the LOUNGE", the lounge of the hotel "Shirai-ya Hotel" in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture, with watercolors. "SHIROIYA HOTEL" has been reborn by architect "Sousuke Fujimoto" by adding cutting-edge art to a long-established inn. While I was eating at the casual diner with friends, I was approached one after another by people who wanted to change Maebashi's town in a fun way. Wanting to enjoy this experience even further, I recently booked a room by myself and tried out a restaurant where Chef Katayama is showing off his skills. I wrote about that time in the ``Advertisement Newspaper'' that I am serializing. With the creation of this hotel, the town of Maebashi appears to have taken a sharp step towards the future. Maebashi, about an hour and a half from Tokyo, is the gateway to Gunma Prefecture, which is rich in nature. SHIROIYA HOTEL is sure to enhance your memories of your trip to Gunma. Please try using it once when you come to Japan.

client_name : 広告新聞社

URL : 白井屋ホテル

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